Built around 20 years of industry knowledge

From Don Best Sports experts

Our Mission

To fully understand the one-of-a-kind opportunities you will be offered when you attend a DonBestBetCamp™, you must understand who is behind the curriculum and the expert’s that you will be given access to during your camp and moving forward as a DonBestBetCamp™ alumni. The DonBestBetCamp™ curriculum is built around 20 years of industry knowledge from Don Best Sports experts. The team who has carefully created the curriculum and will be teaching the camps are made exclusively available through the expertise and relationships Don Best Sports has developed throughout the years. Don Best Sports, with offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Vancouver, British Columbia is not a handicapper, it is not a sportsbook. At its core, Don Best Sports is the leading provider of real-time sports betting information, specializing in information relevant to the North American market. Our unique experience positions Don Best Sports to educate sports bettors with fact-based information, empowering them to make smart, responsible wagers. DonBestBetCamp™ is a result of MoneyLine Sports Group’s proven expertise in creating one of a kind experiential, educational gaming camps (WPT Boot Camp) and Don Best Sports unparalleled sports betting knowledge, real time data, fact based resources and technology.

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