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Operations Team

Top minds in sports betting, combined with resources available only from Don Best Sports, offer you insight and strategies never before taught.

Steve Berman
Chief Executive Officer

One of the original creators and founders of World Poker Tour Boot Camp (WPT Boot Camp), Steve brings over 20 years of gaming and entertainment industry marketing and business development management leadership.

Rick Allec
Vice President of Sports
Don Best Sports Corporation

With three decades of industry experience, few individuals can match the range of experience Rick Allec carries. On the bookmaking side Rick started in the industry as a ticket writer, moving up quickly to sportsbook manager.

Mariana Castro
PR & Event Director

During her 15 years of experience working as the right hand of C-Level executives, she has had a unique insight which helped her seamlessly plan, design and direct the execution of corporate, social and private events for prestigious clients, ranging in size from 12-500.

Warren Weidman
Brand & Media Advisor

Warren Weideman is a highly experienced Integrated Brand Marketing executive. Warren oversees all brand partnerships and media opportunities for DonBestBetCamp™.

Event Team

Kelly Stewart

Camp & Curriculum Director DonBestBetCamp™

Kelly Stewart often dominates the men and boys at the sports betting window. The winner of the 2014 Westgate Super Contest – Mini Contest, Kelly is regarded as one of the world’s best handicappers.

Kelly also serves as WagerTalk’s director of media relations and contributes video and written content to the LasVegas Review-Journal. She has been featured on ESPNU, Fox Sports1 and ENews, as well as many radio stations across the country.

Kelly formerly worked for Don Best Sports Corporation and now adds to her legacy as one of the Director’s for DonBestBetCamp.

Kelly has been a key part of the creation of the curriculum for DBBC and will be at each event to do one thing; Teach you how to make money!

Kenny White

VP Fraud Detection/Prevention Don Best Sports Corporation

Kenny White worked his way up the ladder from novice sports ticket writer to champion handicapper to CEO of Las Vegas Sports Consultants (LVSC). White was also the VP of Games & Probability for Game Sports Network from 2014-17, an online daily fantasy sports engine.

At 21, Kenny’s exuberance earned him an entry-level ticket writing position in the legendary Santa Anita sports book on the Las Vegas Strip, where his talent for handicapping the NBA in particular soon became apparent.

At the young age of 24, White’s next stop was the Fremont Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas, where he held the position of Sport Book Manager for two years.

In 1988 Nevada Sports Executives was born, and for the next 15 years the company supplied some of the larger Las Vegas sports books with lines and information. Meanwhile Kenny was also demonstrating his uncanny handicapping prowess, winning the famed Stardust Invitational in unprecedented back-to-back fashion, and setting a then Vegas contest win percentage record of 69% in another highly competitive, locals-oriented tournament.

Along with a trio of noted local gaming attorneys, White purchased LVSC in November 2003, and his influence was almost immediately evident. LVSC dramatically improved its’ technology and infrastructure, and its’ clients then had access to the individual game lines made by all eight of the company’s oddsmakers.

Finally, in an example of his typically unwavering optimism and penchant for integrity, one of White’s ultimate goals for LVSC was to actually work in conjunction with professional leagues and collegiate organizations to help protect the sanctity of games in any and all sports.

Cantor Gaming purchased LVSC from White’s group in November 2008. White stayed on with the Cantor Gaming for 18 months to ensure a smooth transition.

Coming on board with Don Best in 2009 the ultimate goal has been to establish an unrivaled Fraud Detection/Prevention service for North American sports.

Matthew B. Holt

President U.S. Integrity

Originally from New Hampshire, Mr. Holt ventured to Las Vegas and over the course of a decade has become a leader in the sports wagering industry. Mr. Holt created unique and popular injury gathering tools, which were widely recognized by the industry. In 2011, he joined CG Analytics. CG Analytics set the gold standard for fraud prevention allowing the company to offer fraud prevention and game integrity services to several professional and collegiate sports leagues. Mt Holt was also VP of Business Development for CG Technology. At CG Analytics, Mr. Holt created and built a suite of algorithms using big data analytics to formulate betting lines. Using these algorithms, CG Technology is typically first to open market lines on major sporting events. In addition to his role of Vice President of Business Development for CG Technology, Mr. Holt was the Chief Operating Officer for CG Anayltics. 


In 2017, Mr. Holt, with his partners, founded what is now USGaming, LLC. Mr. Holt is the acting president with his local office based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The company uses a DBA of U.S. Integrity and offers fraud prevention and game integrity services to a wide variety of professional and collegiate sports leagues as well as casino and sports book clients.

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